Students, please remember the following for Ms. D. Brown's Classes!
  • As a school, we will be using Pupilpath & Google to share homework/assignments with students (in addition to classroom postings)!
  • You will have 2 weeks (unless otherwise noted) to hand in any homework assigned.
  • Homework (inclluding Journals) is meant to review and deepen learning relating to our class as well as serve as a source of reflection!
  • Late homework will be accepted only for partial credit and a Late Credit date will be given (end of Marking Period).
  • Please join your Dance or Mind Body Google Classroom Page so you will be able to access your outside of class assignments and participate in discussion when needed! https://classroom.google.com/h *See Ms. Brown for your class code if you do not have it!!!
  • Reminder-First Week Assignment (All Classes): Syllabus Contract, Survey, & Prepare Attire for Class!